• Fabric Dyeing Machine


West Global Makina “Advanced Finishing Solutions”

ECO-DRY PRO Fabric Dryer Machine

WESTDRY is a relax dryer designed for drying tubular and open-width knitted fabrics with excellent shrinkage values and high quality results. WESTDRY, which has proven itself in the world with its high performance and low energy consumption, can be produced with padder and tenter frame entrance applications according to the needs of customer.

WESTENTER Model Stenter Machine

WESTENTER is designed for the heat setting, drying and finishing processes of open width knitted and woven fabrics. It offers the best results with its state-of-the-art equipment and low energy consumption. It has a wide variety of versions according to needs.

ECO-JET PRO Fabric Dyeing Machine

ECO-JET PRO is a fabric dyeing machine that allows high-quality dyeing a wide variety of fabrics made of natural, synthetic and blended fibers in tubular and open width form.

Today, the most serious problems faced by the fabric dyeing industry are high energy costs and environmental impacts. ECO-JET PRO improved by considering these problems of the textile industry increases the quality of dyeing and reduces energy and water consumptions.

Some of the advantages:

  • High Level Repeatability 
  • High Quality and Wide Variety of Production
  • Lower Energy and Water Consumptions
  • Minimized Environmental Impact
  • Easy to Operate
  • Full Automatic Process Control